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  • 15.5" x 15.5"
Category: Originals
Media: Watercolor
Framed: Framed
Availability: In stock

Price: US$ 1100

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Viewing Room: Horses and their People        Categories: Originals
Images Per Page:
"Curious Appaloosas"
"Painted By Nature"
"Showing Off His Spots"
"Her Dappled Gray"
"Double Trouble"
"A Warm Bed"
"Herding Cattle"
"Drama in the Pens"
"Taking Turns"
"Rodeo Queen"
"Resting Paints"
"Nevada's Wild Horses"
"Dusty Trail"
"Git Along"
"On Top of the World"
"Fall Roundup"
"Long Drive"
"Oregon Outback"
"Peaceful Drive"
" Moving the Herefords"
"First Born"
"Sorraia Mustang"
"Join the Bunch"
"Range Cattle Roundup"
"The Lipizzans"
"Moving Cattle"
"Wild Horses Running"
"Parading Old Glory"
"Moving the Longhorns"
"Top Hand"
"Good Times"
"Waiting to Practice"
"Old Friends"
"Skip and Jay Jay"
"Preparing the Loop"
"Young Buckaroo"
"Show Stoppers"
"What's Out There?"
"Unnamed - commission"
"The Fourth"
"The Hazer"
"Hackamore Training"
"White Cutter"
"Classic Cut"
"Short Day"
"Bald-Faced Cutter"
"Head 'Em Off"
"Cutting Out"
"Sapphire - commission"
"Dixie II - commission"
"The Law and Blue Eye"
"Final Rinse"
"Three Sorrels"
"Saluting the Fourth"
"The Good Mother"
"Roan Yearling"
"Sun Worshiper"
"Tucker - commission"
"Squirt - commission"
"Cool Drink"
"Trick Rider"
"Colt Play"
"Call of the Kiger Mustang"
"Kiger Mustang VI"
"Lipizzan II"
"Lipizzan I"
"Whoa II"
"Riding Six White Horses"
"Warm Up"
"Goose Lake Valley"
"First Kiss"